Abîme : James Beyor

KEY TO THE ABYSS Understanding what happened when man became a slave to symbols.These books speak to the leaders of the future who feel compelled to see that certain human freedoms, needs and wants are protected. Law, force or coercion of Imperial Rule will never protect the human being. That is an elaborate shell game. Inalienable rights, passive freedoms and unilateral choices formed the backbone of what once was one of the greatest countries on the earth. This journal speaks to those who would ensure freedom of individual speech rather than the repeated, remembered rhetoric of the empowered. The root of uncertainty must grow deep for real change to take place however psychologically painful it will be. The tricked mind must reconnect with the passive brain. In these pages you will ask yourself how often you question accepted role models, words, agreements and laws. It will ask you how often you cower, pay, play-act and obey. Are you part of the problem? Are you just doing your job? Are you paying attention? Do you even know there is a problem?

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